The philosophy of Vip Lounge Elegance

Our philosophy

To say it with the words of Marquis de Sade – ultimate pleasure is up to those who create their own sinful preview in the sum of their kinky thoughts.

There is nothing, comparable to the experience you make while finding the way to yourself – except the experience to share it with your partner. Experiences need a playground. Thise playground is provided by the VIP Lounge ELEGANCE.

We have created this outstanding location in order to bring dreams to life. Unique are your desires, unique is this place – discover its magic and live your desire.

Make your escape from boring every day sex - there is a new world to discover. This may also bring a breath of fresh air to long time relationships.

Discover your hidden fantasies and enjoy your dark desires of lust, domination and submission. Upon up a new seductive horizon.

Sensual relief, fascinating moments in an extraordinary surrounding – this is what you will enjoy in our VIP Lounge. Exciting setting meets kinky lust, high class erotic moments require their playground, you will find it. Right here, right now.

Feel free to enjoy your dreams in our BDSM paradise – we are looking forward to give some outstanding, unique and pleasurable moments to you.

Fulfilment is not only in our pleasure, it is in the moment you brake the borders that are holding back your desires.
Marquis de Sade